When facing health care challenges many people turn or return to a belief in God or a higher power. Crosses for Carers provides olive wood crosses from the Holy Land to faith based carers to give to patients in need of something to hold that will remind them of the love of our God.

 "My father was a minister his whole life, conducting weddings, funerals and weekly services.  He would tell me one of the more challenging part of his calling was visiting patient in hospital or home that he had never met before.  To overcome this he began using the Caring Cross he imported from the Holy Land.  By sharing this gift he could talk about the deep grain in the cross and the history of the olive tree in Bethlehem as a way to break the ice.  Slowly moving into a discussion of their faith and praying for comfort with the cross.  Upon return visits he would often find the cross in the patients hand or close by.”  Angus Reid, Owner My Caring Cross. 

Rev Dr Alan Reid passed away in 2012 holding a Caring Cross.


Are you a Faith based carer in a Hospital or Hospice?  Looking for olive wood crosses to help in your ministry. Click here for free samples.


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Please contact Angus Reid
Ph: 336 287 0137 or
Email: mycaringcross@triad.rr.com