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My Mission Box

My Mission Box is a wholistic approach to your fundraising journey!


At the first meeting the group leader issues everyone with a box.

The missionary then sticks pictures and articles about the place they are visiting on the outside of the box. This is a way to learn more about the reason for the trip and the heritage of the place they are traveling to.

They write their mission statement about what they hope to learn from the trip and place it on the inside cover of the box.

Fundraising. Now they are inspired by what they will learn on the trip they are ready to start fundraising. They will be given between 5 - 10 crosses by the group leader that they will keep in the Mission Box.

Using the Mission Box they can visit neighbors, family, and friends. The Mission box can be taken to work or placed on a counter as a display. Our recommended price structure is below:
Large Caring Cross - Cost $4.25 Sell $8.00
Small Caring Cross - Cost $1.00 Sell $2.00

Small crosses can be donated to the missionary to take with them. This is a easy way to begin a conversation about god as they hand out the beautiful crosses.

Each week the missionary checks in with the group leader and purchases more crosses till the end of the fundraising period.

Once the group leader collects all the money and crosses they can decide to send them back to My Caring Cross, or continue to sell them in a church store. My caring cross will refund any unused crosses the group just has to pay the return postage.

Friends and family can write letters to the missionary. They can take the small crosses and letters with them in the mission box on the trip.

Finally upon return they can pack all their souvenirs into the box and store it for later reflection.